How to organise a perfect school sports day event| SSMPE Sports

Sports play an essential part in every student’s school life. Annual sports day is always a very memorable day for the school students. The end of another summer is close and it’s time to say goodbye to another year with an exciting and thrilling annual sports day event at the school. Sports day in primary school is different from sports day in secondary school. In this article, we will tell you about how to organise a successful sports day and it’s do’s and don’ts.

As much as a sports day is about joining in it and having fun, it is also about winning and competition. If done in a right way, sports day is the perfect way to wrap up an academic year.

Wondering what a perfect sports day looks like? Here is a list of things you need to consider who make sure everything just falls right into place during the D-day.

Important considerations to be taken for a successful Sports Day:

  • Set a suitable date and time and post it on the school notice board and also make sure parents are aware by sending text messages to the student’s parent.
  • Make a plan about what games to include and what not to
  • Request teachers to be involved in the event for distributing prizes, directing parents, blowing whistles, handing out refreshments to the guests., etc.
  • Plan what refreshments will be required
  • Think about equipment needed for the sports day
  • What prizes to be given
  • Have a paper, pen, clipboard and a scoreboard ready
  • To make sure everybody feels welcomed and included
  • Take weather conditions into account
  • Take care about safety and prevention
  • Plan rules way advanced to the sports day
  • And most importantly, make sure the event is fun.

How to start the sports day event

We all know formalities still play an important role in the modern world. So it’s never too old fashioned to start a sports day with a welcome dance. The, start with a speech to welcome all the Parents and chief guests. Proceed with March Past and Oath taking after that. The host will tell the audience about the timetable for the day so they have an idea about what all they are gonna enjoy watching during the sports day event.

If it is a Primary School Sports Day, here are some ideas of the games to organise for primary school students:

Ideas for Primary School Sports Day:

  • Mums and dads race
  • Running race
  • Obstacle course
  • Three-legged race
  • Sack race
  • Hula hoop challenge
  • Badminton tournament
  • Mini tennis tournament
  • Track races
  • Balance race
  • Hurdles race
  • Relay races

Ideas for Secondary School Sports Day

  • Cricket tournament
  • Basketball tournament
  • Football tournament
  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Tennis tournament
  • Throwball
  • Dodgeball
  • Handball
  • Futsball

How to end a School Sports Day

Once all the races and small tournaments are over, gather everybody and give a small speech about how much fun and a great day it was. Thank the chief guests for taking time out of their days and making it to the event and thank all the teachers and other staff for their help and coordination during the event. If you have not already, make the chief guests and teachers distribute awards, prizes, trophies and cups/medals to all the winners. And this is how you make a sports day perfect with proper organisation and planning.