Education helps us in becoming aware of the laws, universe, science, government, environment, etc. But on the other hand, sports are also definitely very important in every student’s school life. It is a way of entertainment. Every student must play at least one sport in their life. As much as education is important for getting a good name and fame, sports are also equally important in building a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. It also teaches us may personality traits like sportsmanship, team spirit, and leadership.  If practiced on a regular basis, sports help us in staying fit and boosts self-confidence. Practicing sports every day helps us in many aspects such as:

Important aspects of sports:

  • Helps students in building physical abilities like stamina
  • Playing sports is also like a stress relief method, helping us get rid of the anxiety or fears.
  • Helps in building a fit body
  • Helps us get rid of laziness and tiredness
  • In group games, it teaches them about teamwork, team spirit, and adaptability.

The importance of sports can not be neglected. Below here are some characteristics used to explain why sports are important:

  1. Physical fitness: Now this is the most valued outcome of playing sports and games. So many sports like table tennis, badminton, basketball. Football, throwball require a lot of strength, stamina, and physical fitness. Playing such sports helps in proper grooming and building a fit body.

  2. Team spirit:Playing sports like cricket, basketball, football, etc, teaches us about unity and team spirit which is very important and needed when playing a group game. It not only helps us learn and develop team spirit but also makes us learn more about each other and build strong relations with each other.

  3. Mental health: Playing sports can make a person mentally strong. A sportsman understands that winning and losing are both parts of a game and maintaining sportsmanship in the game represents the best way of success and mental strength.
  4. Confidence: With experience, failures, and success only students develop self-confidence which also helps them grow in other aspects of life.
  5. Health: If played regularly, sports help in a proper blood circulation of the body hence keeping it fit and healthy.
  6. Decision making: while playing some sports, one has to make quick decisions which depends on the situation that requires a strong mental power which also helps in the other aspects of life.

We all know that today’s millennial kids spend most of their time watching television, on computer screens and playing video games which only makes them lazier and is responsible for their poor eyesight. Sports activities are very crucial, hence it is important that parents bring their children back to the playground. Sports is not only a medium of entertainment but can also be a great career option for those students who are not very interested in academics. Sports and games benefit us by teaching us discipline, teamwork, punctuality, and dedication. In short, it does not only help students grow physically but also mentally. Being involved in sports activities also helps in preventing many diseases like diabetes, obese, obesity, arthritis and heart problems. Hence both sports and studies are equally important in a student’s life and it should be totally up to the student to decide what to choose and go ahead in life and make a career.